Diet Coke Rewards Any Mood

Following the name-focused promotion launched last year, Coca-Cola South Pacific has kicked off another activation revolving around personalization. The iconic carbonated drink brand is offerings its Australian consumers an opportunity to choose the bottle of Diet Coke, which suits their current mood, and get rewarded for this. The Reward Your Mood marketing campaign, which is fronted by a new Diet Coke ambassador, young US actor Chace Crawford, has been launched across Australia and includes on-pack, out-of-home and online promotion via the Coke Unleashed website and the brand’s Facebook page.

Consumers can choose from 23 various moods such as flirty, bubbly, chilled, spontaneous, hungry and frazzled and then enter the codes from the specially marked 450mL, 600mL, 1.25L, 1.5L, and 2L bottles on the dedicated website or via an app to redeem points. Users are invited to enter the code they see on the back of the label, select the mood on their bottle and get 10 Tokens, which can be used to get great rewards and experiences or be saved to enter competitions on the platform. The tokens, collected during the campaign, cam be exchanged for prizes including game and music downloads, movie rentals, cosmetics, beverages, food and more—for instance, Red and White ‘Coke’ Sunnies cost 15 tokens, and for Sony DSCW310S 12.1 Mega Pixel Cyber-shot digital camera you will have to collect 2750 tokens.

Our ‘Reward With Every Bottle’ campaign is designed to inspire Diet Coke drinkers to live life with a light, carefree style, and inspire a bit of indulgence and spontaneity. Chace Crawford lives the very essence of this campaign and has been a perfect fit from the very beginning as a fresh, inspirational and cheeky brand ambassador. This year we are breathing new life into the Diet Coke classic marketing campaigns of the past by partnering with Chace Crawford who is definitely popular with young Australian females. Diet Coke advertisements featuring a male as the hero were first developed in the 1990s,” commented Pamela Wyatt, Diet Coke marketing manager.

The promotional activity, which is running from May 1 through June 30, is all about fun and personalization, and proves that Diet Cole fits any mood and any environment.