Renault Demonstrates Its Passion for the Future through a Photo Exhibit in Futuroscope

Renault and Futuroscope, the first French themed park, have launched a one-year photography exhibition titled Passion d’Avenir, dedicated to a vision of the automobile’s future.

Photo: Renault DeZir

Passion d’Avenir by Renault (Passion for the Future by Renault) presents an eco-friendly vision of the automobile’s future. The near future is represented with four electric cars—ZOE, Kangoo Z.E., Fluence Z.E. and Twizy, while a more distant future, with the concept cars Frendzy, Captur, R-Space and DeZir.

Each vehicle is represented through a series of photographs. The exhibit that consists of 58 panels educates visitors on the importance of changing to electric cars. The Futuroscope is located in the department of Vienne, 10 kilometres north of Poitiers, France.

Renault’s Twizy, a small zero-emissions vehicle that is being promoted by the Guetta couple, will be on display in a real-life setting near Ma Maison Pour Agir (My Home for Action), which is an educational presentation of a series of innovative solutions for reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Both initiatives are a part of Renault’s new design strategy, launched in 2010 and built around the notion of the life cycle. The four concept cars unveiled since the 2010 Paris Motor Show and presented in this exhibition introduce one aspect of the circulation with humans being the center of it.