Seattle’s Best Coffee Searches for Coffee Geniuses in Its Seattle’s Best Red Cup Showdown Competition

Seattle’s Best Coffee is on the lookout for undiscovered talents in the coffee industry. The Starbucks‘ owned company has teamed up with celebrity chef Jeff Mauro to launched a cost-to-coast search for the most extravagant and imaginative coffee drink. The Red Cup Showdown competition has become part of the state fears, which will be travelling across the US this summer—the new contest, fronted by the chief himself, will stop at five locations. Finally, the grand winner will be determined, who will be handed$10,000 and get the chance to have their coffee drink sold Seattle’s Best Coffee cafés across the country.

“From chicken fried bacon to red velvet funnel cake, State Fairs are a hotbed of cooking creativity. There’s no better place to go to see how Seattle’s Best Coffee can be shaken up, turned upside down and transformed into something we’ve never tasted before. I can’t wait to meet some great people and see what they bring to the table for the Red Cup Showdown,” shared Jeff Mauro. The key thing in the recipe is its originality—contestant can get inspired by things, which are far from the coffee theme including fair foods, candies or even sandwiches, but the taste is important as well.

The competition will be taken to the digital space as well. The brand has launched a dedicated hub on its Facebook fan page where Seattle’s Best Coffee fans will be able to track the journey of the chief and find out where the fairs are hosted to come there and compete in person. Visitors to the hub (US and Canada residents) also can upload their recipe online—digital submissions are also accepted until July 27. Entrants will get shortlisted based on a number of criteria including use of Seattle’s Best Coffee taste, story and originality, and the finalists will be invited to NYC on August 23 to compete for the grand prize.