Volkswagen Jetta GLI Competes with Some of the Fastest People of the World

Volkswagen has always produced smart creative videos to underline advantages of its cars. It captured the Golf GTI Time Machine and using a ‘Fanwagen’ video offered fans to build ‘the most social car ever’. 

“You can’t fake fast” says the German automaker in its new video series dubbed Fast vs Fast. Created by Deutsch Los Angeles, the four videos for Volkswagen new 2012 Jetta GLI demonstrate four fastest people selected from YouTube videos—the world’s fastest female speed talker, guitarist, Rubicks Cube solver and beatboxer.

Each of them tries to do what they are famous for sitting buckled in the car during a short but intense speed ride. The pro driver is professional stuntmen Eric Norris, the youngest Chuck‘s son.

Each passenger has to complete his task before the ride is finished but he or she fails to do it in a shaky and rushing car. For example, as Ad Week says, guitarist John Taylor attempts to play ‘Flight of the Bumblebee,’ but, according to VW, «he got so sick after the first few takes around the raceway that we had to re-order the shots to give him a break.»

In the end of each spot the voice over introduces the Jetta GLI saying that it has sport tuned suspension and 200 horse power turbo engine.