AT&T Has Introduced the Eco-Rating System for Mobiles

AT&T has launched easy-to-read label attributed to all new AT&T-branded postpaid mobile devices and 13 phones will also feature an eco-rating for consumers to better understand the company’s sustainability goals and vision.

In June of 2012 AT&T conducted a survey, which showed that 60 percent of people would consider the environmental impact of a device before buying it.

“AT&T’s eco-ratings give consumers product information they want,” said Jeff Bradley, senior vice president, Devices, AT&T Mobility. “Consumers want the best and fastest devices while being able to make an empowered choice about environmental impacts of the device. Our eco-ratings accomplish just that.” 

The company’s eco-rating system includes 15 sustainability criteria based on the key categories such as environmentally preferable materials, minimization of hazardous substances, energy efficiency, responsible end-of-life treatment and environmentally-responsible manufacturing. These criteria, for example, are the percentage of post-consumer plastic used in the device, restriction of compounds such as lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel and more.

The information on the handsets will assess how many of these criteria the device meets. The information will be derived from device manufacturers and AT&T will confirm the data reported. Five stars on the label will demonstrate the eco-rating of the device.

The labels will have QR codes, which when scanned will provide consumers with more information on the product.

In June, AT&T released an online interactive sustainability report to make it easier to understand and attract consumers’ attention to its environmental efforts.