Diesel Gets into The Sims Universe

Diesel has entered the zone of video games by teaming up with The Sims owned by Electronic Arts Inc. to add a touch of its legendary style to a virtual gaming space. The clothing and furniture items from Diesel’s 2012 Spring/Summer collection were taken into the world of The Sims—now, gamers can choose apparel and home décor pieces to make the life of characters brighter and more stylish. The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack new catalogue features items from Diesel and its younger lifestyle brand 55DSL as well as the home furnishings line, allowing to create unique looks and interiors within the gaming space.

Fit your Sims’ attitude with hot styles straight from the Diesel runway. Be chic, casual, and confident. Be tough, rugged, and modern. Customize your Sims’ homes with industrial Diesel furnishings and décor from the showrooms of Milan to your ultimate urban loft. Make your living room party ready, serve-up a second-date-worthy dining room or freshen up your bedroom with furnishings that reflect an edgy, urban, sophisticated style made possible by Diesel. Bring a mix of rock and roll attitude and refined denim quality to your Sims this summer with The Sims 3 Diesel Stuff Pack,” reads the description to the pack.

The pack includes just everything a character may need for a great wardrobe or impressive settings, a gamer can choose from over three dozen clothing items (dresses, jackets and denim pieces to name just a few) and around a dozen of interior objects, which include coffee tables, a bed and a sofa from the brand’s home line. This pack works as a real catalogue, since all the items gamer see in the virtual space are copies of real life products, which can be purchased in Diesel stores across the globe or online at diesel.com. The Diesel pack, which can be preordered here, follows two other brand-related Sims catalogues released to promote IKEA and H&M’s collections. The pack goes available on July 10.

We always look to create content in stuff packs for The Sims that give our players cool items that play into their inherent creativity and give them new tools to play with life. Diesel’s brand of rock-and-roll meets refined denim fashion style speaks to our fans’ love of clothing and home furnishings. What is particularly exciting is you can see the latest fashions in the Diesel stores, wear them in real life and bring them into the virtual world of The Sims to enrich your Sims’ lives and modernize their neighborhood,” commented Jennifer Lane, Producer within The Sims Studio.