Heineken Transformed a Bar in the New ‘Open Your World’ Ad

Heineken demonstrates how the beer can improve the settings. The iconic beer brand, which impressed the audience with its hilarious ad films ‘The Entrance’ and ‘The Date,’ developed by Wieden & Kennedy, now extends its Heineken Legend storyline with a 1:30 spot, created by TBWA/Neboko Amsterdam. In the new spot, in which one may find some similarities with Stella Artois’ ‘Apartomatic’ advert, the interiors of a dirty, gloomy, almost empty and bar is changed dramatically as Heineken beer is poured into a glass.

The new spot in the ‘Open Your World’ campaign three guys—dressed like they just come from a wedding, one of them is the Legend—pop up in a bar, which happen to serve Heineken (and this seems to be the best thing about this place). As the bartender fills a glass with the beer, the settings begin to change for better. The bartender pushes the levels under the bar, where there’s a lot of gears and other mechanical stuff, and gritty walls are getting replaced with chick ones, the piano player gives the scene to a band of hot girls, dancing people appear and so on. In the end, when something goes wrong with the mechanical equipment and the glass is almost full (and everything should be ready when the filling process finishes), the protagonist saves situation by just kicking the counter.

Music, along with the magical transformations, is a huge component of the video. The song in the spot, which adds glamorous touch and energy to the story, is performed by Australian soul train artists Clairy Browne & The Bangin’ Rackettes.