IKEA’s 2013 Catalog Is Interactive, Developed by McCann

IKEA has released a teaser which shows that its 2013 catalog will be interactive. Users will be able to scan it with their tablet or smartphone and access films, interactive experience and photo galleries. This is the first time IKEA makes an AR app for use with its catalog, which will be explored by some 211 million consumers worldwide.

The augmented reality catalog and the introductory ‘A New Kind of Catalogue’ video was developed McCann agency, says Creativity Online. McCann’s team was tasked to “breathe new life into the catalog.”

The reason for creating a new version of the catalogue that is focused on textile this year was not the lack of consumers’ interest. According to IKEA Head of Global Communications Lena Simonsson Berge, IKEA in the last two years the company saw just a slight decrease in consumer interest for the catalog. The real reason for the move is changing of the media.

“We don’t want to wait until things go bad, so we wanted to give it an injection, enliven it. It’s still a very powerful marketing tool, but we don’t want to be just one of the others. We want to stand out,” said Berge.

The print pages in the catalog that will be available starting July 30 can be scanned using an app, which uses image recognition software from Metaio, not QR codes. It means that further content to other pages in the future can be easily added to the pages. Now, about 43 interactive features produced together with IKEA in-house agency Icom extend the life of the catalog at consumers’ homes. The digital extensions range from fun inspirational films like ‘I Love You, But’ in which couples with different home styling taste find a compromise to ideas how to organize things in a cabinet.

The printed content of the catalog was also revamped. While previous versions featured pages of Ikea rooms and products in interiors, now it’s separated to address a variety of browsing patterns. It also sports the idea of creativity at home offering users tips on how to give a second life to old furniture, for example.

Additionally, McCann is working on an overhaul of the retailer’s website, which is expected to become more user-friendly while staying simple and clear.