Intel and Toshiba Searching for Talents to Star in Its New Film, ‘The Beauty Inside’

Last year, Intel and Toshiba presented a social film experience called ‘Inside.’ This summer, the companies follow up the initiative with a new film dubbed ‘The Beauty Inside.’

Photo: the ‘Beauty Inside’ promo on Facebook, clickable

Directed by Drake Doremus (Like Crazy) and produced by Pereira & O’Dell and B-Reel, the film promoting the Toshiba Portege Ultrabook still catching the viewers’ attention with a social drama.

It tell the story of Alex, a 20-something male who lives in Los Angeles, restores antiques and wakes up every day with a new physical appearance. Topher Grace plays the ‘basic’ Alex, while the changing appearances can be played by many other people. All people—men and women is encouraged to take part in an audition on Facebook. The project is open till September 20 and the number of ‘Alex’s forms’ is multiple.

There is also a trailer which demonstrates the idea of the film showing people of different ages, heights and weights and of both sexes and inviting users to a dedicated Facebook page for the audition.