Sprite Encourages Teens to Express Themselves in Their Own Way

Coca-Cola’s Sprite, together with BBH New York and BBH Shanghai, has created a new video that says without words how young people can  “spark their true selves”.

Shot on the streets of Prague, the video shows camouflaged people staying or sitting in front of buildings throughout the city. They are blended with their environment and don’t stand out. One of them, a young guy suddenly gets a bottle of Sprite from his pocket and sheds his camouflage. Awaken, he walks through the streets wearing only pants and looking on the camouflaged people until he meets a girl who is also ‘alive’ and drinks Sprite.

The campaign brought into play 22 hand painted actors and a team of body artists and painters that spent more than 1200 man-hours and used approximately 500 poundsof paint to create the scene, says Campaign Brief. The campaign targets teen who want to be unconventional, original and show off their individuality. According to Jonathan Mildenhall, Global VP, Content Excellence at the Coca-Cola Company, this is the story for “teens all over the world to feel comfortable about being themselves”.

Those interested in the process of making the spot, can watch a behind-the-scenes video showing details the making of the film. 60- and 30-second versions will be running globally on TV, as well as online on YouTube and Facebook.

«Since it’s a global campaign, we looked for something visually memorable that could also be universally understood across cultures,» said BBH New York Chief Creative Officer John Patroulis.  «And by actually hand-painting the people in the story instead of relying on effects, we think we were able to accomplish both, especially for a brand that’s all about authenticity.»

This spring, Sprite selected eight aspiring young filmmakers whose films will be competenig in August on the Sprite online platform.