Trend: “Super” Themes

The article is written by Renée Whitworth, Strategic Partner at Flood Creative, New York

Keep your eyes peeled this summer for the “super” undertones in all types of communication. As multi-tasking becomes a permanent and ubiquitous part of the new life experience, marketers are following suit with products that likewise do more in an effort to help us be more.

Layer in the Olympics in July and I am sure it will be a summer of inspiring all of us on how to achieve overall greatness and how brands “get us” and can play a role. Here a just a few examples in food, beverage, personal care and entertainment.

1) Quaker: Super People Eat Super Grains


2) Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut: Super Delicious


3) Bravo: You’re a Superstar


4) Body Armor SuperDrink: Drink Super

5) Chobani Champions: Win the Day


6) Secret Outlast: Stay Fearless


7) Avengers: The Super Hero Team Up of a Lifetime

At the end of day, we are culturally turning a negative into a positive. The messaging used to be about life coming at us and needing the tools to navigate the chaos. Now – inspired mostly by the millennials who see this new pace as status quo – we are presenting an attitude of being armed and in control.

Happy Super Summer!


About the Author

Renée Whitworth is a strategic partner at Flood Creative in New York. Over the last 15 years she has developed a reputation for providing unique insights that help every facet of design come together with a singular, shared focus.