Twix: Pick Your Side

Which is better, right or left bar of Twix? And don’t say they are identical, there’s an ideology standing behind this rivalry. The Mars Inc. brand is asking its consumers to choose, which side they take, and which bar they will eat first over the other. The brand has unveiled a new spot dubbed ‘Ideologies,’ which tells about the origins of this rivalry and gives consumers a better understanding of the issue.

The retro-style humorous ad, which is part of a campaign developed by BBDO New York, was introduced at a press conference in Cannes last month. It revolves around a story of two brothers, Victorian-dandy inventors, who once made a long Twix bar but at the presentation of their creation it accidently broke into two parts, the left and right one, which actually started their feud. The brothers then founded their own separate businesses, building their own factories (located close to each other) and making their own bars. The advert finishes with a modern twist—two trucks (the yellow one for the left bar and the red one for the right bar) arrive to the narrow gates, but they just can’t drive through simultaneously. It’s time to decide which bar deserves the priority. “The absolutely true, non-fiction history of TWIX. Try both and pick a side,” says the description to the spot.

According to Adweek, the advert is rolling out in the US and Germany this month, before launching globally. On the brand’s Facebook page, the brand posted fake advertising pieces for each of the bar, describing the ‘unique’ values of Right and Left Twix. The message of the text is the same, the words are different.

Photo: Twix—Pick A Side on, click to enlarge