Virgin Atlantic Dares to Operate in Russia. Again

After several idle attempts to start working in Russia and failing to do that due to the high level of corruption, Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin Atlantic Airlines is expected to operate flights from London to Moscow next year. This would be possible, if the company wins 12 slots relinquished after the recent acquisition of bmi by a monopolist British Airways, which merged with Spainish Iberia Airline last year to form International Consolidated Airlines Group SA.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Steve Ridgway commented: “Our core flying has always been across the Atlantic but we will also continue to grow our routes to emerging markets if given the slots at London Heathrow.”

Russia will be the third so-called emerging market for Virging to operate on, along with India and China.

Back in 2008, before a severe recession hit, the UK most famous businessman was very enthusiastic about launching Virgin Russia airline and announced the plans of a new venture at the Troika Dialog Russia Forum in Moscow. However, it didn’t work out and none of the Virgin businesses currently operates in the country.