Art. Lebedev Studio Designs Identity for Chichvarkin’s New Venture Hedonism Wines

Last week London’s Mayfair saw the opening of one of the poshest fine wine boutiques in town — Hedonism Wines, co-founded by a former CEO and founder of the notorious Evroset chain, Russian businessman Yevgeny Chichvarkin along with Timur Artemiev.

Despite quite pessimistic financial forecasts for Britain, businessmen aspire Hedonism Wines to become a «pinnacle» of the wine and retail industry targeting predominantly affluent consumers. At the moment luxury store stocks around 1,000 spirits and 3,500 different wines, the most expensive of which ,Château d’Yquem 1811, costs £109,000 per bottle.

Surprisingly, Chichvarkin didn’t work with any of the renowned UK’s brand consultancies to develop the new brand’s language, but turned to the Moscow-based Art. Lebedev Studio (which has been known for a long time as the one and only strong design studio in Russia).

Art. Lebedev Studio’s team has created logo, visual identity, brandbook with the style guidelines, inspired by the early Greek philosophic school of hedonists who believed that pleasure was the only intrinsic good.

Pic. Hedonism Wines logo and visual style guidelines

Photo. Interior design