AXE Fuels Guys with Confidence Inspiring Them to Find Their Susan Glenn

Right after announcing a new hub for male gamers, AXE has teamed up with Emmy Nominee Max Greenfield for a six-episode web series that is created on the basis of its ‘Susan Glenn’ campaign. Susan Glenn is a special girl in a guy’s life he was not brave enough to approach at school. 

Greenfield has wrote and directed the ‘New Girl’ series and stars in ‘Finding Susan Glenn,’ which is shot like a romantic memory of the ‘best and iconic for him’ girl he had no courage to talk to. The first two episodes can be watched now online, and the next four videos will be released the following week.

AXE will take serious steps helping guys approach their ‘Susan Glenn.’ The brand will kick-off a nationwide road trip sharing with fans tips on how to talk to a girl of their dream and “make epic declarations to their own ‘Susan Glenn’” on and on

“‘Susan Glenn’ is more than a name, it’s a timeless truth for every guy that has ever walked down a school hallway,” said Matthew McCarthy, senior director of brand development for AXE. “Giving guys courage to reach out to their own ‘Susan Glenn’ is exactly what we strive to accomplish with this campaign, which remains true to the brand’s essence.”

Fans can also admire and share their dream girls photos at, a platform created to imitate a virtualTimes Square. Using 3D mapping, fans can upload photos of their ‘Susan Glenn’ to feature on virtual billboards, navigate her throughout the streets, create a slideshow of her images on the billboards and share all it on Facebook.