British Airways Creates a Symphony Using Tweets of the Olympics Fans

British Airways invites UK fans to contribute to the Olympic Games using the hashtag #HomeAdvantage. The social symphony derives sounds from tweets, posts and messages on Twitter and Facebook sent in support of GB athletes. Each user can contribute to the producing of a sound wave, which is getting bigger and louder depending on users’ activity. 

Photo: a snapshot from

People can filter the symphony by athlete, event or venue and see tweets if they click on the individual particles. When the activity gets bigger, the symphony goes in a crescendo but when fans are quieter, the music slows down.

On the dedicated web site, visitors can see a demographics of the sound wave presented as a scale with mostly blue clickable bulbs. When users roll over and click on them, a popup menu shows a separate tweet. The design of the site is sleek and convenient to use, while music is nice but a bit monotonous.

For today, there are 9,452 messages and the total number is 374, 034. This information can also be seen in the upper right corner of the page.

British Airways rolled out its first Olympics commercial ‘The Race’ in March. The carrier’s competitor, Virgin Atlantic has recently launched a Guide App for visitors to London.