Domino’s Pizza Redesigns Its Stores and Logo

Domino’s Pizza not only asks consumers to help design an optimal delivery vehicle, it revamps its store design and logo to offer fans of pizza the best experience. 

Photo: Domino’s changes its logo, from

Domino’s has developed a new “store of the future” design that looks like a ‘Pizza Theater’—visitors can see open kitchens “pizza-making artists” at work tossing dough and stuffing the best pizzas, according to the company.

The new stores will feature lobby areas as well and ordering kiosks as well as boards for electronic orders. Not everything will be so ‘futuristic’—there will be old-school chalk boards in stores on which customers will be able to leave feedback.

Additionally, Domino’s redesigns its logo to become more sleek and simple—just domino, nothing else. With the new logo the company aims to “reach the point where we’re as recognized as the Nike swoosh or the Golden Arches,” said Chief Marketing Officer Russell Weiner. But the revamped logo will be used only in new stores and those stores that have undergone major remodeling.

Domino’s will remain a pizza delivery brand, rather than a dine-in establishment but maybe some locations may have in-store dining. Some stores may feature big-screen TVs, comfortable seating, and salad bars.

With this move, Domino’s tries to differentiate itself from other big players in pizza market, which continues its development as many companies now offer original pizzas with gourmet ingredients, says LA Times.