Grolsch Unveiled Two Silent Characters Who Give Away Beer Packs

Grolsch has introduced a new character in its advertising, police officer Journt, “the most notorious police officer in the Netherlands,” who never says a word. The Amsterdam beer brand has rolled out a new ‘silent’ campaign in the UK on its official page at and invited the audience to get involved into the activity for a chance to get four pack of Grolsch beer.

At Grolsch we know character speaks louder than words—so meet the policeman who’s never said a thing. Journt Von Deg makes criminals read their own rights and can make a perp sing like a canary with just the flare of a nostril…” writes the brand in the text below the video, which was posted on YouTube, describing the new protagonist. Visitors to the online destination are invited to text a message to Officer Journt with their names and see if these names seem familiar to him. The phone number is written on a business card, which is put by him on a table. Once he receives a user’s text, Journt pulls out his mobile phone and looks at the screen, recognizing his or her name (of course), and types a reply message with a link to redeem a free four pack of Grolsch beer (the user gets it in a few seconds). The brand also invites users to enter a draw for a chance to win a year’s supply of Grolsch.

The Officer has a “colleague”, Herman Finterkilt, who is the most successful football coach in the Netherlands—he also offers a chance to with the name pack of bottles, still the website features only the interactive piece with Journt. The one with the coach may launch a bit later, since the promotion is rolling out until October 5.