Lynx Pays Tribute to Its Adverts in «The one millionth Lynx Effect» Video

Brands take every opportunity to celebrate its connection with consumers, from their anniversaries to expanding friends list on social media channels. Lynx (AXE) has released a hilarious video “The one millionth Lynx Effect” to celebrate the fact that it has reached 1 million fans on Facebook as well as posted a series of fine themed visuals, informing that “1 million fans=337blue whales” and that “Lynx 1 million is five times higher than space station.”

The new spot by TMW for Lynx (the first Unilever brand in the UK and Ireland with one million Facebook fans) is packed with over 30 references to previous Lynx advertising campaigns, and audience is invited to spot all of these parallels. In the spot, everything moves, splashes, jumps and falls within the ‘Rube Goldberg’ machine in a guy’s bedroom—in the end of the spot, the impulse reaches a wheel with Lynx bottles which finally spray the deodorant all over the guy. The video finishes with a grand party, which features the crew behind the Rube Goldberg machine promo project.

“1 million fans, 58 takes and a whole load of Lynx references—can you spot them? A huge THANK YOU to all of you for making this possible,” says the description to the video, which took 3 weeks to create. The most obvious are references to «AXE Excite: Even angels will fall» (a lot of wings and feather), ‘Lynx Chocolate Man’ (chocolate spills over a tiny statue of a man) and “Lynx Chaos Island” (the aquarium and maps remind of it)—watch the film, and try and find more of them. The hilarious machine, which is extremely complicated and serves the ultimate goal, highlighting the brand’s ad heritage, was designed by Nick Ramage, while the settings was designed by Hannah White.