Nike Runs a Finger Race on Facebook to Present Lunarglide+ in Russia

Nike in collaboration with Mindshare Russia have created a fun digital ‘running’ experience — a virtual finger race— to introduce new Lunarglide+ running shoes on the local market.

Savvy app proves the core statement of the new Nike’s shoe collection: you can run as long as you can without feeling tired. To run this FB finger race a user should go to the app page on FB and make simple movements with one’s fingers mimicking virtual ‘running’ in front of the webcam which tracks the ‘length’ of one’s personal race.

Pic. Screen shot of the app’s page on FB

Nike and Mindshare Russia hope for virality of the app, which was highly appraised by Summer of Sport Summit’s attendees for its fun and creativity.

However, the idea of a digital finger race is not new as such, and was first implemented in September 2010 as a free Android mobile app, where user had to touch the screen with fingers in order to ‘run’ a selected length and gain scores.

Photo: Android finger race app, from