Smirnoff to Launch a New Global Nightlife Project, Smirnoff Midnight Circus

Smirnoff, which excited the globe with party-swapping initiatives as part of the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project for two consecutive years (2010 and 2011), comes back with an international 6-month project, which is also designed to pat tribute to the best in the world’s nightlife cultures. The world’s No.1 vodka brand initiated Smirnoff Midnight Circus, “a global tour celebrating unique nightlife experiences in more than 25 cities.” It won’t be a traditional circus (no clowns, magicians, acrobats and animals), but a new kind of world uniting entrainment, a hilarious spectacle with modern performances.

For the project, which commences in early September, Smirnoff has teamed up with celebrated artist and photographer David LaChapelle, who is now creating a unique futurism installation “You’re In My Head”, a two-face ornamented head, which is to inspire new nightlife experiences in the participating cities in Cyprus, Estonia, Armenia, Thailand, Romania, Chile and Vietnam to name a few. Take a sneak peek of the impressive installation, which will open to public at premiere events in Mexico City on September 7, in the video above. While creating the installation, the artist was influenced by “traditions of dance and music that can be found in contemporary electronic music culture worldwide,” says the press-release.

We’re launching this global effort to not only provide fans with unexpected experiences, but also encourage them to find inspiration by trying something new. Our collaboration with LaChapelle is bringing that vision to life in a big way,” shared Michelle Klein, Vice President, Smirnoff Global Marketing. Just like the head, the Smirnoff Midnight Circus parties will have two parts, two themes. The brand will host events with an innovative use of light as the key element, and will also introduce Secret Sessions, featuring “unannounced performances by top musical acts.” This time, Smirnoff haven’t engaged public in shaping the new project—probably, the dose of inspiration given by consumers to Smirnoff during the past two years was just enough for the creating something new on its own.