Volkswagen Created a Car, Running on Screams

Volkswagen has launched one of the greatest Olympic-themed projects this summer—the auto brand, which recently created Fanwagen based on Facebook likes, unveiled a totally unique and hilarious car powered by sport fan screams. The manufacturer launched the Up! Holland Up! project,which  encouraged the Netherlands teams fans to win tickets to the London event by screaming out loud in a weird car 100-meter cheer race, in which the Volkswagen car were running on noise the fans create inside the vehicle.

Through this project, devised by the Achtung Netherlands agency, Volkswagen invited fans to demonstrate how passionate and loud they are. The special edition car featured a decibel recorder, which was linked to its accelerator, and the sounds within the vehicle were transformed into signals, which acted as gasoline. Thanks to the ‘orange-motion technology,’ the vehicle is running on the screams and cheers of the fans, and the louder they expressed their emotions, the faster the car moved (30km per hour was the max. speed). The competitors tried their best, but the maximum speed the fans managed to generate was 17km/hour, making an incredible noise using all kinds of tools and their voices as well.