AXE Encourages Americans to Showerpoll to Save Water

There are dozens of ways to save water, ranging from using water-saving manufacturing technologies to washing jeans less frequently. AXE presents the most controversial way to reduce the water consumption—the brand is encouraging Americans to take shower together to save gallons of water. The brand launched a new campaign titled Showerpooling, calling ‘guys and gals’ across the country to take shower together for the great water conservation purpose. In 2010, AXE launched a similar initiative in Canada.

According to a recent survey commissioned by AXE, the average shower taken by an 18-24 year old in the U.S. lasts more than 17 minutes, which is nine minutes longer than the recommended time. The brand encourages American youth to cooperate and take the shower together, which is environmentally friendly and all kinds of friendly. The brand released a series of tongue-in-cheek videos, explaining the positive effect of twosome showers. AXE is also distributing 7,000 water-efficient Delta showerheads to help people save more water during their showers as well as donating $100,000 to the Alliance for Water Efficiency to “fund conservation research projects and provide technical support to water-stressed cities,says the press release.

On its Facebook page, the brand says that “if everybody showerpooled together for 1 year, we could save 29 trillion gallons of water,” and calls everybody to share their shower with either a like-minded acquaintance or with an attractive stranger. The brand also provides its fans with tips on how to adapt water-saving habits and also invites them to crash the biggest showerpool with their friends for a chance to be invited to the Ultimate Showerpooling Party.