Coca-Cola Sets the Happiness Table

Coca-Cola is committed to spreading happiness across the globe using all methods and approach possible. Philologists note than when people are heaving their meal, they are more and their sub-consciousness is more perceptive and the information they gets into their mind easily. That’s why it’s important to eat and drink with people you love and in the positive atmosphere. Coca-Cola can provide that. The iconic brand, which launched the Happiness Truck and the Happiness Machine, introduced its Happiness Table to people in Naples, Italy.

Coca-Cola commissioned famous chef Simone Rugiati to cook great food to passers-by, who were invited to sit at the table and share a traditional Italian meal plus Coca-Cola with each one. The table with a table cloth, plates and glasses emerged from the red track, in which the chief was cooking dishes. The cooked food was delivered with a ring directly from within the truck onto the table.

The brand has also launched a Facebook application to inform people on the positive effect of shared mealtimes and encourages you to create an invitation to a big dinner for a user’s friends. Plus, the app offers some simple recipes, which can add to any friendly dinner. In addition to that, Coca-Cola launched the website, where one may find a bunch of recipes (the destination is translated in eight languages including Greek and Maltese, but no English).