ColaLife’s AidPods Continue to Save Children’s Lives in the Developing World

ColaLife, which is an independent charity organization helping to save children’s lives in Africa, has collaborated with a design agency pi global to develop a help kit AidPod, containing vitally important medication and distributed via Coca-Cola’s chain in Zambia.

The concept of this social project emerged back in 1988 based on the realization of a fact that Coca-Cola is sold almost everywhere across the world, even in the most remote parts of the world, where every 7th child dies by the age of 5 from easily treated and preventable deceases such as dehydration from diarrhoea.

In fact, ColaLife started delivering its mission and fighting to decrease the level of child mortality in the poorest rural areas just in May 2008, in Zambia.

Using The Coca-Cola company’s distribution channels, the first-aid essential medicines will be distributed among Zambian children and their parents, wrapped in a specially developed plastic container called AidPod, which will be carried in Coke’s crats.  The structural team of pi global created Aidpod to be a small package which occupies only the unused space between Coca-Cola bottles in crates. Initially, Aidpod will be served as anti-diarrhoea kits called «Kit Yamoyo», but can be used for other preventive medication.

Photo: AidPod aka Kit Yamoya

Photo: Coca-Cola crates with AidPod kits

Фото: AidPod and Coca-Cola providing help in Dakar

ColaLife is curated by a married couple, Simon and Jane Berry and supported by many non-profit organizations such as UK Aid (DfID), UK Department of International Development, J&J Corporate Citizenship Trust and COMESA, with support from Honda and SABMiller. The project welcomes donations and any help from volunteers.

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