Energizer Aimed to Make Latin America More Positive

To continue the last year’s ‘That’s Positivenergy’ campaign for the Latin American market, Energizer brand and TBWA have launched a new online platform for: PositiveLand.  

This new initiative is aimed to demonstrate the high performance of Energizer products— batteries, portable flashlights and lanterns—as well as illustrate the social commitment of the company to make life more positive.

PositiveLand is a 3D city which transcends from the screen to the real world combining a virtual game with social activity. For example, when people build a virtual skyscraper out of books, Energizer makes a donation of books and manuals to schools that need it.

«At Energizer we strongly believe we all have the power to impact the world in a positive way, and as a company we feel the responsibility to promote and support this idea,» said Federico Ortiz, Energizer Marketing Director for Latin America.

According to Guillermo Castaneda, Creative Director of TBWA\Buenos Aires, the task was to convert good intentions into action, to combine virtual space and real life initiatives that would contribute to other people. Recently, Coca-Cola has also announced its plans to make the world happier, at first on Facebook and then in real life.

PositiveLand will be activated locally in Latin America countries including Argentina, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico, Panama,  Puerto Rico and Uruguay.