Final Call for Entires: Last Week to Register for A’ Design Award & Competition 2013

A’ Design Award, one of the worlds’ most respected design competitions, announces the final call for entries to register your best design works and win a prestigious design award in 2013.

The winners of 2012-2013 years will be selected by the acclaimed panel of judges on 15th of April, 2013, while highly honoured Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies will be handed to the winners in all 80 categories during a ceremony taking place in Italy next summer. Traditionally, the winning works will be showcased in the Italian Mood Museum of Design and published in both electronic and hardcopy versions by Designer Press publishing house.

Photo: A’ Design Award & Competition 2010 winners at the ceremony

The deadline for submission is 30th of September 2012 (hurry up, this is actually this week’s Sunday!)

Participation is open to both individuals and companies, either professionals or newcomers; for both previously published and awarded works as well as completely new designs, sketches, 3D models or physical prototypes or either really manufactured design objects, be it a packaging, advertising poster, digital piece of design or photography, fashionable clothes or an airplane model.

View our recent roundup of the past years’ featured winners:

Read more about the judging criteria and methodology:

More about submission rules, dates and fees


Don’t miss the chance, register for A’ Design Award & Competition 2013 now!