Google’s Creative Sandbox Turns into a Showcase of Digital Campaigns

Google has re-imagined its Creative Sandbox platform to deliver inspiration to creative minds in advertising agencies across the globe through successful online ad projects. For the past four years, Creative Sandbox used to be a title for offline events hosted by Google for creatives, but now it has expanded to an online treasure box of groundbreaking experiences. The destination is showcasing digital campaigns’ case studies, unveiling the basic components of the projects, and inviting ad professionals and emerging creators to explore and share the best examples of digital work.

Photo: Creative Sandbox by Google — on MacBook and iPhone

On the new website, designed by AKQA, Google encourages agencies to send in their groundbreaking digital projects, providing a short description of their work. The description to each project on the platform has four major chapters—About (goals, date of launch, region), Building Blocks (technology used to implement the idea), Fast Stats, and Team—to provide a deeper insight into the project. Creative Sandbox is similar to Facebook Studio, but in fact Google is accepting projects based on a variety of tools, not only Google products, while Facebook is accepting only the projects realized on FB’s platform.

Users can indicate if the project is Smart (blue), Fun (yellow), or Cool (green)—each vote will help a relative petal on the rating flower grow, for instance, Chevy Sonic Integrated campaign is rated 15 Smart, 11 Fun and 20 Cool, so the green petal is the biggest one in its rating flower. Projects can also be searched by categories such as Industry, Region, Building Blocks and Goal.

At Google, we’re amazed by how the ad industry is using new digital tools to bring brands and ideas to life. That’s why we’ve created a space where everyone can see this insanely great work, talk about it, and roll around in it like a big happy dog. The Creative Sandbox is a place to flash your brilliance, spark new digital ideas, inspire and be inspired,” says the description to the website.