IKEA Launches ‘Bright, Shiny Colors’ Campaign in UK and Ireland

Introducing its 2013 catalog, IKEA has launched a new advertising campaign entitled ‘Bright, shiny colors’ and designed to stun consumers with affordable and cheerful home furnishing and decorating solutions. The catalog launch is also supported by an international ‘Happy IKEA New Year’ campaign.

The campaign features a TV advert in two versions—60” and 30”, which start airing in the UK and Ireland on September 8 and will run until October 7, during the ‘X-Factor’ on ITV1. The third version of the advert is a full length two-minute ‘music video’ running exclusively online on YouTube.

Created by Mother, the ad tells the story of a woman who goes on a magical journey through the new IKEA Catalog. Her surroundings begins to change from moderate beige and white colors to vivid and bright as she proceeds through the catalog. The ad is stylized as a music video and inspired by Flashdance and Singin’ in the Rain, as well as the legendary Top of the Pops dance troupe Pan’s People. It is set to by ‘Bright Shiny Colours’ originally a Shirelles track but remade by band 99 Trees.

Peter Wright, IKEA UK and Ireland Marketing Manager, said, “We want our new campaign to demonstrate that it’s easy and affordable to bring new life into your homes, through showcasing in a fun and surprising way the many new products and solutions we have available in the new Catalogue and our 19 stores, which will ultimately give them a reason to reconnect with IKEA.”

Interactive content is a significant part of the campaign offering consumers to use their iPhones and Androids to communicate with the brand and get involved into various virtual activities—from customizing their own bedroom on YouTube to view demo films, pictures and 3D content. IKEA FAMILY loyalty program is another part of the campaign as well as digital promotions and , in-store communication.

IKEA also recently updated its website, www.IKEA.com adding a mobile version, because mobile traffic to the site has increased.