Nespresso Crealto Launches a Photo Contest in Social Media

Nestlé-owned Swiss capsuled coffee maker Nespresso is introducing a new autumn Limited Edition Crealto, ‘inspired by High Gastronomy’ and launching a photo contest for its fans in popular social-media networks. A lucky winner will be offered an exclusive dinner for two at Mauro Colagreco’s Michelin Starred restaurant Mirazur in the Côte d’Azur.

The gourmet prize—a dinner at Mirazur—was not just a random choice, but a well-thought offering, emphasizing the link between the owner of this luxury restaurant, who’s at the same time is Nespresso’s coffee expert —Mauro Colagreco—and the new Nespresso Limited Edition Crealto. The new seasonal flavor was created by a green coffee expert Alexis Rodriguez using a method of slow and long roasting of washed Arabicas from South/Central America and Indonesia at low temperatures.

The name of this Limited Edition — Crealto — is a mixture of two words: “Createur” and “Alto” (refers to ‘alta cucina’, high gastronomy).

Pic: Some featured photos submitted by participants of the Nespresso Crealto photo contest, from Facebook page

To enter the photo contest a user should upload and share some Nespresso-related photographs on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (using #Crealto hashtag). Submissions of precious Nespresso moments are open until September 25 and the winner will be selected and notified by email on October 2.

For Facebook submissions, please see more information here: