Levi’s Released the «Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu» T-Shirts Collection

Levi’s is presenting a series of limited-edition T-shirts, designed by Brazilian-born artist and activist Vik Muniz, renowned designers The Campana Brothers, visual artist Mark Bradford, and director Carlos Saldanha. The first of them arranges workshops at the Rio de Janeiro arts and technology school, Spectaculu, where he provides in insight into how visual arts and technology are blending together to deliver stunning results. The new Levi’s tees line titled “Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu” features impressive designs, which are a way more that a tees pattern—they work as real pieces of art and evoke strong emotions in those who can feel other people’s pain and joy, despair and creative mood.

Photo: Levi’s Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu t-shirts collection, www.explore.levi.com (click to enlarge)

On the official online store, the brand describes the collection’s pieces, telling some important information about the career of artists behind each cotton tee with the original design. Each of the T-shirts is sold at $34, and Levi’s offers free shipping on orders of $100. “New York City-based Vik Muniz is a visual artist who incorporates unusual materials like dirt, diamonds, and choc¬olate syrup into his work. His ‘Pictures of Garbage Series’ at Rio de Janeiro’s MAM was one of the most attended shows in the museum’s history, second only to Picasso. As part of an exclusive collaboration, we’re proud to feature Vik’s original artwork on a Levi’s tee crafted in feel-good organic cotton,” says the brand about Vik Muniz on a dedicated page.

The line was released as part of the “Friends of Vik Muniz for Spectaculu” a unique collaboration between Intel and Levi’s. According to Intel, “Those shirts will be sold at Levi’s stores in North and South America to raise funds and awareness for Spectaculu.” The project has been joined by the ten Spectaculu students, who were chosen to participate there. The students also created tee designs using ultra sleek and responsive Ultrabook systems.