Nokia Mocks the Boring Palette of iPhone5

Nokia joins Samsung in attacking Apple’s iPhone5 model. Two weeks after the S-brand released its video mocking the latest product from Apple’s portfolio and poking fun at iPhone-addicts, the Finnish mobile phones manufacturer launched a less ironic video, which focuses on colour. While Samsung video is referring to the technical characteristics of the Galaxy and iPhone devices, Nokia highlights the colour options available with its new Lumia 920 and the dull colour palette of the new iPhone.

The «Time to #switch» video, which was released on October 2, is a simple animated cartoon, which starts with dark green and grey settings (related to iPhone5), but eventually gets infused with colours when more people start using vibrant Nokia Lumia’s devices. In the description to the spot, the brand says that “The Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 are available in four great colors and can be anything your heart desires—more than a highly acclaimed smart phone!

Apple’s iPhone is available only in two colours, black and white, while the palette of the brand’s iPods is full of bright eye-catching tones. Maybe, Apple should use this approach to its phones as well and finally let it go multi-colored?