Sony Launches Skyfall-Themed Promotion “Intelligence Gathered”

Sony is launching a new campaign on October 26 to support the upcoming release of the new much-anticipated James Bond film “Skyfall” . The electronics manufacturer teamed up with the Portland-based Wieden+Kennedy for a new marketing promotion dubbed “Intelligence Gathered” starring Daniel Craig, who stars as Agent 007 in the latest installment.

The new campaign features the brand’s hi-tech products lineup, which includes Xperia smartphone, Xperia tablet, VAIO laptops and Bravia TVs, which are unveiled both in the online promotion and offline advertising activities. The narrative ties the gadgets together, as the story evolves in the gloomy, mysterious atmosphere of 60- and 30-second spots. Those who want to discover more about the “Intelligence Gathered” products, can visit the dedicated page, where they can also learn what other products the gadgets work with. “Even a great man known for working alone needs technology that works together,” says the webpage.

It’s vital that he has the absolutely highest quality devices supporting, connecting and enabling action when he needs it most. Whether he’s tracking a villain, calling M or checking his GPS to find the quickest route out of trouble, it’s Bond and technology all working together, totally converged and connected. Bond is the smartest of the smart. He demands the best,” shared Gildas Pelliet, Sony Europe’s head of marketing. “Our latest suite of Sony’s products in the film and the TV advertising campaign are not only the perfect fit for both Bond and SKYFALL, but also the perfect way to show them in action.”