A Cat Falls in Love with a Car in the New Toyota Corolla Promotion

Toyota New Zealand launched a stunning campaign, which promotes the all-new model 2013 Toyota Corolla Levin ZR with a strong emotional message. The brand is targeting all people who love cats and whose hearts just melt the very moment they hear the «purrr» sound. Visitors to the microsite can learn a story about a peach-coloured cat named Alloroc (Corolla backwards), who just fell in love with the model, and spends all its time either staring at the vehicle or travelling to the veterinary hospital in it. It is a story of tragic and eternal love of the cat, which spends all its nine lives to be closer to its beloved vehicle. In the end of the major spot, the cat’s paw emerges from a tiny grave, so the story of love apparently goes on.

Some people know a good thing when they see it. So it goes for our furry friend Alloroc. An everyday trip to the vet led to Alloroc falling immediately in love with the Corolla’s premium interior. This chance encounter held long-lasting consequences for our four-legged connoseur of the finer things in life. Like many Corolla drivers, Alloroc’s refusal to be separated from his Corolla meant he went on to enjoy many many feel good moments,” says the brand on the campaign’s page.

The campaign developed by Saatchi & Saatchi includes television ads (they can also be found on the brand’s YouTube channel), Facebook, print, outdoor, and point of sale (hilarious Cat car stickers).Visit the dedicated page on the brand’s website to download free wallpapers featuring the cat and the car, and take a closer look at your pets—if they display the same level of affection towards your car, dishwasher or a phone, try to protect them from any dangers this love can bring to them to avoid a sad end.