Grolsch Celebrates the Art of “Unbottling” Beer Internationally

The Dutch beer brand, well known mostly due to its distinctive bottle with a swing-top cap which eliminates the need for an opener, for the first time in its history held a special event celebrating the art of beer opening — Grolsch Swingtop Open World Championship.

On October 12, 60 international contestants from across the word convened in Amsterdam, at the Taets Art Gallery, to display their endurance, creative flair and mastership of opening classic green Grolsch bottles. Introduced in 1897, the Swingtop has since inspired a movement of enthusiasts committed to ‘unbottling’ Grolsch in equally interesting ways.

Competing in several tense heats including reproducing established tricks, freestyle and a final speed round, Yaroslav Panov, 38, a contender representing Russia, scooped the first place and won an all-expenses paid trip to the Toronto International Film festival, which Grolsch sponsors.

Watch the video below:

Throughout the event, approximately 2,000 Grolsch Swingtop bottles were ceremoniously opened.

Interestingly, Grolsch uses different types and colours of bottles for its variations for the international markets. In the USA, which is one of the most important one for the brand, Grolsch usually comes in traditional metal-capped, not swingtop bottles.