Martini’s New Ad: For “Those Who Don’t Take No for an Answer»

Martini is launching a new advertising effort this season to celebrate its “Luck Is an Attitude” philosophy. The new spot by the Fred & Farid (Paris-Shanghai) agency was revealed on the brand’s YouTube page yesterday, November 14—the black-and-white 30-second clip stars Barbara Gonzalez alongside Yuri Buzzi, who enter an upscale party by stealth. Their names are not on the list, but they do want to be inside, so they just grab two boxes of Martini Sparkling Wine and carry them into the club, just like they are people who work there.

Both of the protagonists were chosen by castings. Yuri Buzzi became part of Martini’s male ambassadors team by winning the Martini Kisser Casting in 2011, and Barbara Gonzalez was named a new Martini’s face by the international jury including Christian Louboutin in the end of the final round of the Martini Royale Casting in mid-October 2012. So, the new spot, which comes in two formats (:30 and :15) definitely has a splash of fresh energy and passion brought in by the newcomers.

The commercial encourages people to take chances, savouring your life and be open to new opportunities. The phrase “Here’s to those who don’t take no for an answer” pops up in the middle of the video, which finishes with the female voiceover saying that “There’s always a reason to celebrate. Here’s to those who find it.” The advert, which was shot by director Matthew Frost, will debut on TV in Belgium and the Netherlands on November 19 and will arrive in the US in spring 2013, when Martini will be celebrating its 150th anniversary.