Nissan’s First-ever Online Showroom Has Gone Mobile

Nissan Canada, which launched an online ‘first-ever’ virtual showroom on YouTube in January 2012 with the help of its long-standing ad partner TBWA, is now making it available for mobile users. Interestingly, it is not a regular downloadable app, but a «YouTube mobile gadget» providing an «embedded-in-YouTube experience» available for both iOS’s and Android’s owners, which looks and feels exactly like a native mobile app.

Pic. A screen shot of the YouTube Nissan Canada’s channel

A fresh approach to car retailing, this gadget offers complete 360-degree views and hot links to key information on all the carsʼ special features, giving those who are looking to buy a new Nissan all necessary information about 8 models, from technical to the addresses of the nearest dealerships to a user.

Choosing Google’s YouTube vs downloadable apps the brand capitalises on a fact that YouTube has become the go-to resource for anyone looking to buy something, a new car in particular. Why making it available for mobile and tablet devices, if there already is an option for online view on a computer or laptop? Probably, because mobile is increasingly used as instant research for any purchase.

You can experience the «gadget» yourself here: on your devices or simply view the video about how it looks and works on an iPhone: