Diesel Hypnotizes Young People in the New Christmas Promotion

Diesel mixed magic and psychology this season to help a group of young guys and girls reveal their true Christmas morning feelings they used to experience when they were little kids. The brand launched the Magic of Christmas promotion on its website, where it has posted three videos starring young Diesel fans who were hypnotized to act just like they were 5 years old. Believe it or not, all the reactions in the videos are real, Diesel says.

The group of young people are waiting for and then opening gifts from Diesel, revealing their sheer emotions when they see all the trunks, perfumes, watches and more (Diesel also invites to take a look at the gifts range below the episodes). “This is the story of that very Winter’s morn—the most wonderful morning of the year. A festive trilogy if you will. To celebrate all that is good in the world, with love and care in our blessed hearts, we hypnotised a group of young guys and girls, taking them back to joyous childhood to experience the true magic of Christmas through our glorious gifts,” notes Diesel.

In the behind the scenes (or, “Behind the dreams”) video Diesel explains how they developed the project. The brand casted 80 people to find the 10 most hypnotizable ones, who would quickly switch to the subconscious state of mind, and the effort was worth it. For the occasion, the iconic symbol of Diesel, a rebellious man with a Mohawk, got a joker style, and the items in the Christmas range are featured on cards with themed descriptions. See all of them here.

The films have been directed by The General Assembly and produced by Skinflicks.