Facebook and Google Review the Year of 2012

Following Twitter, Facebook and Google have looked back at 2012 to list the most important things that generated most buzz across the planet this year.

At FacebookStories.com/2012, you can find Facebook’s Year in Review, which highlights people, events and things that got the site’s global community talking throughout the year. On the dedicated page, using infographics Facebook chronicles the most talked about terms, the most listened to songs and the most popular check-ins both in the U.S. (it has 11 categories including the three mentioned above plus movies, mems, technology, public figures, events, etc.) and in 10 more countries (including Russia, Australia, the UK and Brazil). In addition, users can “revisit the 20 biggest moments on their Facebook Timeline” to remember the most important life events, highlighted posts and popular stories posted this year.

Pic. Facebook’s (and your) year in review, www.facebookstories.com/2012

Google has released its 12th annual Year-End Zeitgeist, a review of the most popular searches on Google over the past year. This year’s report, which features the hottest trending search terms in 838 lists from 55 countries, provides a great insight into what interested us in the year of 2012. As it turns out, “what is love?” became the top searched “what is…” term in 10 countries, and PSY’s “Gangnam Style” song ended up the second most trending query of 2012 following “Whitney Houston.” Users can view both the global ratings, and lists by country. Google put the hottest events from the round-the-year tour on an interactive map, which shows “where and when some of the hottest terms spiked around the world.”Google Zeitgeist can be viewed either on the wevsite or through the Android “Google Zeitgeist 2012” app has been released (an iOS version is about to arrive soon).