IBM Has Unveiled Its New “5 in 5” Forecast

IBM makes some predictions on how technology will improve our experience in five sensory categories in next five years. The tech giants forecast innovations that will help us hear, smell, taste, see and touch things in a totally new way. By 2016, we may have super senses, which will enable us to experience the world around us on an advanced level.

In the new “5 in 5” study, unveiled by IBM, they give us some insights into the future, focusing on 5 senses of a human. It says that computer systems will enable people to touch various surfaces through the computer or smartphone screens. Using technologies, people will be able to better analyze noises that now don’t make as much sense to us as they potentially can (from baby’s crying to cracking sound of a tree which is soon to fall). A bunch of pixels would be enough to tell a lot about an object, which will help detect an array of valuable facts in all areas, from retail to medicine. Advanced digital technologies will advise to eat certain meals based on an algorithmic recipe of your favorite flavors and optimal nutrition. In five years, smartphones will be able to analyze your breath to tell more about your health state, and the same technology will be used to provide perfect room, city, soil, etc. conditions.

Find the full research, videos and infographics here, and go through past “5 in 5” forecasts to see if they have become reality. IBM also invites to vote on where “cognitive systems’ ability to understand and learn in the way that we do—through our five senses—will first appear,” in touch, sight, hearing, taste or smell.