KRAFT and Tom Deininger Make a Charitable Digital Macaroni Mural

The brand has invited American contemporary artist and environmentalist Tom Deininger to create the largest and most charitable piece of macaroni art ever using the “Dinner, Not Art” iPad app, developed by CP+B.

Photo: Tom Deininger’s digital macaroni piece of art

The resulting mural is a portrait of Ted Williams, the formerly homeless man who became the golden voice of KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese. With this 12 ft * 12 ft (3,6 m * 3,6 m) square picture Deininger pays tribute to the man with a strong character and unbelievable life story (and, of course, promotes the idea of zero food waste and charity).

‘The Dinner, Not Art’ app for iPad and desktop, launched by KRAFT earlier this year, allows people to create macaroni art without wasting a single noodle. For every noodle used, KRAFT donates 10 real noodles to Feeding America, with over 15.5 million donated to-date. Deininger used the iPad app to digitally make the massive macaroni mural, one frame at a time. This finished 126 frame mosaic resulted in nearly 126,000 noodles donated.

To see each frame of the mural in detail, visit: