Top 10 Viral Videos 2012: UK’s Youtube List vs TIME’s Ranking

Long before the yesterday’s YouTube top 10 UK’s viral videos list was released, the U.S. TIME Magazine had compiled a stunning series of rankings called Top 10 Everything of 2012, which consisted of 55 different top-10 lists ranging from fiction and nonfiction books to movies to songs.

Ranked by both the numbers of views and likes and overall social media buzz generated, TIME’s top 10 viral videos list includes both serious and fun spots devoted to different topics, while YouTube’s UK lists ranks just commercial spots promoting some specific brands.

For those of you who haven’t yet heard Psy’s killer song (if there are any), it’s a high time to watch it on YouTube and envy the Korean one-hit-star’s success, as he is predicted to earn $8.1m from the track. Although, he haven’t overridden the reach of Kony’s video which is, of course, less fun, however, has the sense of purpose behind.


TIME’s top 10 viral videos list

1. Kony

2. Psy’s Gangnam Style

3. Bullied Bus Monitor

4. Felix Baumgartner’s Space Jump

5. Dad Shoots Daughter’s Laptop

6. TV Anchor Stands Up to Bully

7. Todd Akin’s ‘Legitimate Rape’ Comment

8. Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal

9. Obama Sings Al Green

10. Cookie Monster’s Share It Maybe


YouTube top 10 UK’s viral videos list

The list of UK’s top-10 videos features Honda Civic’s «Spark» as the No 1 viral video on YouTube with Peugeuot’s «Feel the Love» and Durex’s «Vinyl» being the second and the third, respectively.

1. Honda Civic UK — Honda Civic ‘Spark’ HD TV ad
2. Peugeot — Nonstop to Rudimental ft. John Newman — Feel The Love
3. Durex —Durex Vinyl
4. O2 UK — O2 Pay & Go Go Go is here
5. — Meerkat Polka Band Play Corrie Theme Tune
6. BT Infinity — Take a look around Flat 6
7. Google Chrome — Julie Deane
8. EE UK  — Fenton 4GEE Remaster
9. GiffGaffTV  —The CONtract feat. K-Orville