Volkswagen Looks for the Perfect Helmet Holder

Volkswagen has launched a new competition to find… a helmet holder. As part of the Volkswagen’s 2013 World Rally Championship promotion, the auto giant is on the lookout for a person who will fill the helmet holder position in the Volkswagen Rally the World-Team.

The brand teamed up with the Greenkern Berlin to create a humorous faux-documentary about a legendary “helmet holder” Franc Riemere, who is ready to be substituted by a newcomer. This position needs a real talent, and Franc agrees to spend as much time as it may take to find the proper successor—applications (photos where applicants are holidng things that reseble helmets) are accepted here until January 4. In some way, this initiative is similar to Stella Artois’ Jacques d’Azur project.

It’s Friday, January 18, 2013. You are in a 5-star hotel in Monte Carlo with a few exciting days of motorsport adventures ahead of you. You fly over the most spectacular rally track in the world in a helicopter to Col di Torino and watch the famous ‘Night of the Long Knives’ spectacle. Why? Because you’re the world’s best helmet holder. For three days, you’ll become part of Volkswagen Motorsport history, a member of the Volkswagen Rally the World-Team and will of course also enjoy full VIP status,” says Volkswagen.