Coca-Cola Celebrates People Who Do Crazy Good Things

Does it take much to be kind and make at least a few people around you happy? Coca-Cola with help of Ogilvy Brazil launches a new campaign dubbed “Coca-Cola Let’s Go Crazy” to celebrate those who share positive power within their communities. While they may seem crazy to most people around, their contribution to making the world happier is truly great.

The new campaign, which calls the audience to “Go crazy and do good for others,” includes a stunning video piece directed by Smuggler’s Henry-Alex Rubin with a soundtrack “Give a little bit” by Roger Hodgson as well as shorter person-focused spots, which highlight various acts of kindness performed by ordinary people from around the globe. These people spend their time—and money—to make the life of others brighter. Some of the heroes of the campaign go anonymous, but some don’t hide their faces—Coca-Cola created shot videos, in which all of them are telling what inspired them to do unconventional things infused with kindness and love.

Last year I suddenly came into some money, more money than I’ll ever need. My first thought was buying tickets to outer space. But I changed my mind and decided to give away £ 1000 every day to complete strangers. All I ask is that they do something positive with the cash. You may think I am a crazy, but I am only a guy who wants to pass along my good luck,” explains anonymous from London, England. The other heroes featured in the campaign are a secret urban gardener, a guy who installs swings, a girl who gives away her birthday presents and more.

In addition, Coca-Cola has released a film titled “Together for good,” which invites the audience to look back at the brand’s initiatives created to make the world a better place to live. “For 126 years, Coca-Cola has been bringing people together for good. Now we’re working together to address one of our nation’s biggest challenges. Watch to learn more about our collaborative efforts and actions that we’re taking to help people live positively,” says the description to the video.

For UEFA EURO 2012 the iconic drink launched a campaign with a similar tagline, “Let’s Get Crazy,” which focused on fun and craziness of football fans. Unlike the summer promotion, the new initiative has a strong pro-social twist.