Coca-Cola Confronts Obesity in New Ads in the USA

The Coca-Cola Company, which products are often listed among the major contributors to obesity, rolls out a new U.S. campaign designed to encourage people across the country to make informed soft drink choices and adopt more active lifestyles. The company is launching two spots nationally, which start an open conversation about low- and no-calorie versions of favourite drinks and the ways to burn the gained calories. In addition, Coca-Cola is now running a series of sport-focused programs, which help promote physical activity in local communities.

Coca-Cola tapped different agencies to create videos for the new campaign: Brighthouse and Citizen2 developed a 2-minute “Coming Together” spot, while Latin America studio David The Agency created a shorter, 30-second piece “Be OK.” In the first video, Coca-Cola focuses on its huge portfolio of drinks with fewer calories, shows how it uses packaging to highlight the calorie content of its products, and communicates the importance of physical activities in tackling extra pounds. “Beating obesity will take action by all of us, based on one simple common-sense fact—all calories count, no matter where they come from, including Coca-Cola and everything else with calories. If you eat and drink more calories than you burn off, you’ll gain weight,” says a voiceover in the advert, which is more like a film.

The “OK” spot, which is to be aired on American Idol on January 16 and during the Super Bowl pre-game show, centers around 140 calories of a regular can of Coca-Cola—it lists a range of everyday activities (like dancing, walking a dog or even laughing), which help burn these calories off. In fact, doing crazy kind things, which Coca-Cola has celebrated in another hilarious campaign it recently launched, also may contribute to a better physical condition.

We are committed to bring people together to help fight obesity. This is about the health and happiness of everyone who buys our products and wants great-tasting beverages, choice and information. The Coca-Cola Company has an important role in this fight. Together, with willing partners, we will succeed,” commented Stuart Kronauge, General Manager, Sparkling Beverages, Coca-Cola North America. Overcoming obesity will require work from all of us. If we are to reach the goal of Americans achieving a happy, healthy and active future we all will have to dedicate ourselves to move forward together.”