Danone UK Introduces New Yogurt Brand Danio with Packaging by Dragon Rouge

Following the success of the Greek-style yogurt Oykos, launched by Danone UK last spring, the company is rolling out another new range called Danio

Danio is the fifth brand in Danone’s yogurt portfolio to be added to the existing in the UK ranges of Actimel, Activia, Shape and Oykos.

Package design for Danio, as well as for the earlier addition Oykos, was developed by a long-standing partner of Danone UK, global design expert Dragon Rouge. The product’s bold, young at-heart packaging emphasizes that Danio is a range of fat free and low fat yogurts, that are richer in protein than other strained offerings on the market.

New Danio is set to be rolled out in the UK supermarkets in 6 flavours in January 2013.

Photo: New Danio yogurt rage from Danone UK