Kia Australia Celebrates the Men and Woman of Now in an Australian Promotion

Kia Australia launched a micro campaign, celebrating men and women of now. The two ads, created by Innocean Australia, were created to be launched exclusively during the 2013 Australian Open (January 14-27). The annual tournament has been sponsored by Kia since 2002.

The 45-second ads star the man add women of now, who (each in his or her spot) are walking along busy city streets and describing themselves using a lot of rhymed adjectives. The Woman of Now, a businesswoman, says: “I’m digitally in touch but not retouched. I’m a story-telling, canteen-helping, fund-raising, party-going, yoga-lover” (it’s just a short piece from her speech). The Man of Now, wearing casual clothes (he seems to be a self-employed guy or a creative worker), says “I’m a barbecuing, meat-eating, sausage-sizzling, prawn-peeling salad lover” (to mention but a few). In the second half of the spot they encounter each other (she bumps into him in her spot, and vice versa).

The ads are cute. Still, if the characters didn’t get behind the wheel of their Kia vehicles in the very end, the spots would seem to be promoting not the car brand, but the Australian demographics. No ties with the tennis theme were spotted either.