Saab Cars Adopt a New Simplified Logo

The Swedish car brand Saab changes its logo—the visual identity drops the legendary crowned red griffin. The new grey logo, which will be used for passenger cars, has been developed by National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB (NEVS), which has recently acquired Saab, and the design agency Stockholm Design Lab AB.

Pic.: New NEVS+Saab’s logo,

The visual identity features the company name National Electric Vehicle Sweden AB in black, and the Saab brand in dark grey or silver. For certain product applications, including bonnet and wheel hub covers, the brand will be applied in silver against a white, circular background,” writes

Pic.: New Saab’s grey logo,

The company also says that it will feature “four [Nordic] seasons and their respective characteristic road conditions” within the frames of the new simplified logo (the logo will serve as a window) to highlight the Scandinavian heritage of the brand.

Pic.: New Saab’s logo as a window, (click to enlarge)