Tesco Updates Packaging for Its Fresh Soup and Baby Ranges

Working with two different agencies from its design roster, British retailer unveils visual overhaul for the two product ranges: ready to hit fresh soups (15 SKU) and baby care products, which have been rebranded under the new name Tesco Loves Baby.

Bright, inspired by the idea of home grown food packaging for the soups, designed by P&W with illustrations by Mary Woodlin, reflects the concept of farm to table and effectively communicates the freshness of the product.

Photo: new packaging for the Tesco Fresh Soup range

The Tesco Love Baby subbrand has been designed by Parker Williams to unify an inconsistent and much extended Tesco’s range of products for parents and kids. It features a soft rounded heart as a logo, playful decorative on-pack patterns, a chalky color palette with lifestyle photography by Tim Marsella.

Photo: new logo and packaging for the Tesco Loves Baby product range