YouGov’s BrandIndex Rankings for 2012 Revealed

YouGov has released its BrandIndex Rankings for 2012, which compares BrandIndex Buzz scores of brands across major consumer categories in 10 countriest: the USA, the U.K., Denmark, Finland, France, Mexico, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Sweden and the UAE. Along with determining which brands generated the most buzz throughout the last year, the study also reveals the most improved brands of 2012. YouGov asked its respondents just one question, “If you’ve heard anything about the brand in the last two weeks, through advertising, news or word of mouth, was it positive or negative?”. The score of each of the brands was calculated by subtracting negative feedback from positive feedback. View some highlights from the research below.


Photo: Subway lands in the 1st place in the US rankings, (click to enlarge)

As it turns out, Subway (40.3) is the top-ranked brand for the third consecutive year (and the only fast food chain in the top 10). The newcomers on this year’s list are Kindle (#8) and YouTube (#9), while Apple, which last year landed in the 10th place (now it’s occupied by Google, 30.8), moved down to number 11. The study included nearly 1100 brands in 41 categories, and larger retailers have won the biggest presence—three positions—in the top 10. Only one tech brand, Kindle (#8) was featured in the top 10, leaving Apple, iPad and iPhone far behind. The auto industry also has just one representative in the top 10—Ford (#6). BP moved to the 1st place on the Top Buzz Improvers list, restoring its image after the global scandal around the oil leakage in the marine territories in 2010. Victoria’s Secret topped the list in the Retail Clothing category, Levi’s is leading in Apparel and Footwear, and V8 dominates in the Beverages and Snacks niche.

The U.K.

Photo: BBC iPlayer lands in the 1st place in the UK rankings, (click to enlarge)

Things are different in the UK YouGov’s BrandIndex Rankings. Respondents left their feedback on over 850 brands in 34 categories, and as it turns out, online media is on the top there. During 2012, BBC iPlayer has improved its image and landed in the first place on the UK list after occupying the third one in 2011. The tech sector is represented by iPad, which keeps to the 6th place. The retailers, featured on top 10, are Marks & Spencer (#4 in 2012, #2 in 2011), John Lewis (#2/#5) and Amazon (#3 in 2012 and #1 in 2011). The newcomers of this year’s list are (#8) and Samsung (#9), and the best company on the Top Buzz improvers list is British Airways (here, nothing has changed since 2011).

Other countries

Just like in the two markets above, national brands top most of local ratings. For instance, the bulletin board is leading in France, LEGO rules in Denmark, Fazer (one of the largest food corporations in the Finnish business) rules in Finland, dairy company Lala is #1 on the Mexican list, classified advertisements website takes the lead in Norway, Emirates Airlines won the first place in the UAE, and retailer ICA tops the list in Sweden. The exception is Saudi Arabia, where South Korean brand Samsung ranked #1.

View the full version on the official page of the YouGov’s BrandIndex Rankings.